Travel Cost Calculator

Now you are traveling to Greece, knowing exactly how much you will spend.


With the Travel Cost Calculator, you can easily manage and monitor your trip, by calculating the cost of a trip (Fuel Cost, Tolls etc) with alternate routes, the expenses for each of your passengers, as well as the distance and the time taken to complete the trip.

The Necessary Assistant
for an Organized Trip

The application is fully up to date and it identifies all of the expected Tolls in any given route in Greece, where it also calculates the fuel cost for all vehicle and motorcycle categories of the trip, providing rich, meaningful and updated travel cost data where you can save, edit and share.

*Currently supports Tolls only for Greece.

Easy to use

Place your Start and Destination Points and find the best available Route with the option of alternate routes from the Google Map. All of the tolls on the Route and the details of each route (Time & Distance) are displayed on the map.

Fully up to date

Type in your average vehicle consumption, gas / gasoline price and the total number of passengers.

So Simple

See in detail the total cost of your trip of each of the available routes, providing you the opportunity to choose the most appropriate and cost effective route for your trip.


Below you can see all the features of the app that will help you organize your trip.


Automatic distance calculation and route selection from the map


Save and restore the values you enter


Fuel cost calculation of the route

/Toll Costs

Calculation of Toll Costs for all vehicle and motorcycle categories

/Google Maps Navigation

Send the route information to Google Map app for navigation

/Easy to use

Clean and easy to use graphical environment

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Photos from the application environment.


Calculation of Toll Costs for all vehicle and motorcycle categories


Fuel cost calculation of the route

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